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Cleaning the hardwood floor and parquet.
Varnished wooden floors are very easy to care for. To keep them clean, just regular wiping with a damp cloth or soft brush with a cotton pad. Sufficient water to wash with ammonia, without the need for rinsing and polishing. Varnished wooden floors have wax, this treatment is not only polish it and protect the wood, but also all-tape slot into which the dust. For normal cleaning use toothpaste in liquid, but once in a while you have to wipe the floor a good colorless paste, and after 30-40 min polished to a shine. To remove the old floor layer paste, clean it with a mixture of gasoline and turpentine, immediately wipe dry, then put a new layer of paste. Light wood wash with hot soapy water, not darkened, rinse thoroughly and quickly. For the first rinse, use bleach (6 g per liter of water) to a second l tablespoon of ammonia per 1 liter of water, and then wipe the floor dry and waxes suitable preparation. Polish Maid Cleaning Service in Willow Springs, Illinois 630-269-4234  Violett's Facebook Page